Ашық сабақ. Ағылшын тілі. Healthy lifestyle

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Lesson: Unit 5; Healthy lifestyle.  Step 2 Eating habits.School: 
Date:  Teacher name:     
Class: the 5th gradeNumber presents:Absent:
Learning objectives that this lesson is contributing toTo enrich learners’ vocabulary and  enlarge their knowledge about healthy lifestyle, eating habits and sport
Lesson objectivesTo introduce new words connected the theme, explaining using of some with C and UC nouns, revise Present Simple tense and indefinite articles a/an
Language objectiveLearners can
Remember new words, read and understand texts about food
Key words and phrases
Vegetable, fruit, drink, food, sausage, bread, mushroom, tea, cake, egg, sugar etc
Useful classroom language for dialogue/writing:
Discussion points:
Discus about food.     Matching  pictures
Can you say why ….?
Who has healthy food? Who has unhealthy food?
Writing prompts:
Write C and UC nouns
Previous learningVocabulary work
Planned timingsPlanned activities (replace the notes below with your planned activities)Resources
5 min
  1. Checking home task ex.5, p.115

Activity: One student say words (playing chess, football, tennis, volleyball, dancing, swimming) and other     students must show with actions. 3 min
  1. Dividing into 4 groups: ex.8, p119

Activity: learners take cards “Fruit”, “Vegetable”, “Drinks”, “Dairy Products” and try find meanings of these words. 2min
Slide 4
Cards, Slide 5
33 min
  1. Brainstorming

Match the words to the pictures.
Giving cards with pictures and words of food for matching ex.1, p.117
5 min
  1. Listen and repeat the words

  1. Discuss in groups ex.3, p.118

2 min
What is the difference between mushroom and cheese?
Look at the exercise 3 and rule “remember” and give your answers.
  1. Explanation: conclude and read the rule  

5 min
  1. Ex.5, p.118 Complete with a/an or some

5min +2min for the rest
Activity: Hyperlink
Time for the rest 
  1. Let’s refresh our knowledge about  C and UC     nouns, now think which of these new words C and which of them UC 

ex.4, p.118 
Put the words in ex.1, p117  add some more words  3 min
  1. Ex.6, p.119, ex.7, p.119 Read three texts, choose sentences and complete 10 min

  1. Discussion ex2, p.118, ex9 a) b) p120

Who has healthy food?
10 min
Cards with words, glue and paper, flash cards
Marker, paper
Slide 9
1) to learn topical words and use pronoun “some” correctly
2) read and understand texts about food
  1. I can remember topical words: meat, potato, butter, hamburger, strawberry, chips, biscuit, milk, juice, cheese, carrot               11 points

  2. I can remember topical words: mushroom, sausage, egg, tea, cake, chicken, sugar, tomato, fish, vegetable, dairy products        11 points

  3. I can identify C and UN                  5 points

  4. I can use some correctly                  5 points

  5. I can read and understand text.       5 points

Excellent mark 37-32
Good mark  32-25
Giving homework ex8,11  p.119-120
2 min

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