Ашық сабақ. Ағылшын тілі. Nicholas Nickleby

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The theme: Nicholas Nickleby
The aims:
educational – to give some information about Charles Dickens and his novel “Nicholas Nickleby”.
developing – to enable them to seek more knowledge, to develop thinking, listening skills, oral speech.
bringing up – to stimulate their eagerness to learn. To help them to create mature sentences.
To respect to each other.
The equipment of the lesson
a) Visual aids: picture
b) Distributing materials: books, tests
c) Technical means: an interactive board.
The Plan of the lesson
I. Organization moment
a) Greeting
b) Classroom expression
c) Aims of the lesson

II. Main part
a) Informing the students about the theme aims of the lesson
b) Warming up
c) Checking home task
d) Writing new words
e) listening the text
f) Speaking about the novel “ Nicholas Nickleby” by Charles Dickens

III. Concluding part
a) conclusion
b) home task: to retell the novel
c) marking

The Procedure of the lesson
I. Organization moment
Good morning everybody! I’m glad to see you at our lesson. The new theme of our lesson is Nicholas Nickleby. You’ll know about the novel “ Nicholas Nickleby” by Charles Dickens.
Look at the blackboard please. Learn the following statements. Do you agree with them?
Wear the old coat and buy a new them.
A room without books is a body without soul.

II. Checking up home task.
- What was your homework?
New theme
Our lesson is devoted to the novel “Nicholas Nickleby”. Look at the blackboard, please. You can see L. Tolstoy’s quotation about Charles Dickens.
“Sift the world prose, stay Dickens”.
- What do you think about it?
Work on the vocabulary
Open your copybooks, write down the new words into it. Let’s translate the words with help of situations we’ll have given by me.

advertisement [әd`vә: tismәnt]
announce [ә`nauns]
appearance [ә`piәrәns]
bow [bau]
scoundrel [`skaundrәl]
tremble [`trembl]
whisper [`wispә]
wrinkled [`riƞkld]

Nicholas Nickleby was the third novel of Charles Dickens. The first installment was published on March 31, 1838 and the last installment was published on October 1, 1839.
Nicholas Nickleby
Nicholas Nickleby was a young man who lived with his mother and sister. After the death
of Nicholas father, the family had no money, so their life was very hard.
Mr. Ralph Nickleby, Nicholas’s uncle, was arich man, he was wicked and greedy. He did not
Want to give any money to his dead brother’s family. So he decided to find some work for Nicholas. He saw an advertisement in the newspaper, which said that Mr. Squeers, a schoolmaster, was looking for an assistant to teach at his school far away in the country. Mr. Squeers kept a school for boys who had no parents were in India or some other place.

Маңғыстау облысы, Ақтау қаласы,
Маңғыстау гуманитарлық колледжінің
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